Remote Reviewer

Simplify workflow and evidence gathering on assessed tasks, activities and observations through video, using Remote Reviewers.

About Remote Reviewer

A web app designed for reviewing tasks, assessments (and much more) via recorded videos, be it via phone, camera, drone or smart glasses using Remote Reviewers. It utilizes the xAPI Standard to store data in a Learning Record Store (LRS), making it truly interoperable.

Examples of what you could use Remote Reviewer video task recording for may include:

  • Micro credentials evidence
  • Inspecting buildings
  • Remote site Inspections
  • Safety and PPE Assessments
  • Water Tank Inspection via Drone
  • HR Pre Interview
  • Vocational Training Assessments
  • Motorcycle Instructor Assessment
  • Performance Assessment
  • Rural or Agriculture tasks

The point of difference with this software is it doesn't own the data, you do!

It's based on the power and flexibility of xAPI (IEEE 9274.1.1-2023). The xAPI data is external to Remote Reviewer and stored in a Learning Record Store (LRS). The LRS can be located anywhere and the data reported on easily through most BI Tools.

Download a PDF showing how Remote Reviewer works


Remote Reviewer provides all the necessary tools and features to make the process of conducting assessments and task checks simple and efficient. With its user-friendly interface and advanced capabilities, you can easily manage and track your assessments, evaluations, and task completions in a secure and flexible environment

Below are just some of features of Remote Reviewer. Create an Account to learn more.

Video Assessment

Use YouTube, Vimeo, MP4 or record video direct from a device~


Manage and assign multiple Reviewers as an Organization

xAPI Data

Use your own Learning Record Store or we can create one for you.

AI Integration

Use AI to generate checklists easily by simply entering the task name

* Internet Connection Required
~ Storage Location dependant

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There are two types of accounts on Remote Reviewer


A reviewer is someone who will Review a task or assessment or anything else! A reviewer cannot create any tasks unless an Organization lets them.


An organization is where you can create tasks, checklists, add LRS and assign them to someone to complete. They can also assign to a reviewer.


Julian Davis


Julian is the founder and creator of Remote Reviewer and is The Digital Learning Guy!

Julian is an experienced Digital Learning Solutions Architect, Presenter, Facilitator, and Award-Winning Author, bringing over two decades of expertise in web and digital technologies to solve organizational challenges in digital learning (eLearning).

He has published two eBooks focused on technology challenges for adult learners and he has also presented at esteemed conferences worldwide on xAPI and other Digital Learning Technologies.

Recognized as an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AFAITD) in 2018 and 2024 as a Fellow with the Institute For Learning and Performance (ILP) Asia Pacific for my contributions to the field of digital learning.

Julian is actively involved in the global xAPI Community and the visionary behind Remote Reviewer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Remote Reviewer is easy to use and there's nothing to install!

  • What is Remote Reviewer?

    Remote Reviewer is a collaborative online platform designed to streamline and enhance the review process for tasks submitted via video. It can be used on to capture and asses any task that can be captured on video.

  • Is Remote Reviewer Free to use?

    Yes. The free plan provides access to all features with some limits on Tasks, Reviewers and video sizes

  • Key features of Remote Reviewer include AI Task list generation, video task comment tracking, data captured is xAPI compliant, simple interface. There are more featured planned and released regularly.

  • Remote Reviewer currently supports YouTube, Vimeo and direct MP4 links. Videos can also be uploaded and recorded directly from the device.

  • xAPI is a power and flexibility standard (IEEE 9274.1.1-2023) for recording learning experiences in a standard format. The concept of xAPI is based on 'Someone Did Something'. In the case of Remote Reviewer this can be interpreted as 'Jon Played a Video'.

    As xAPI is based on JSON, additional extensions can be added to include more data

  • No. xAPI Data is saved in the selected Learning Record Store against the task. This data can then be read from the Learning Record Store or other BI Tool.


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